About Us

Who are we?

the CBD supplier you can trust

Nature Creations is the home of high quality CBD products that improve your everyday life. 

The potential benefits and applications of CBD are vast, our goal is to create a place where you can confidently purchase CBD knowing you will receive a pure product that’s being sourced ethically and to high standards.

We offer a growing range of high quality CBD oils, vape, cosmetics and related products all of which meet our stringent quality control procedure. 

As well as stocking the market leading brands we also proudly supply our own range of CBD oils.

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Not convinced? Below are some more benefits..

Explore our range of custom hemp formulations

All natural

Nature Creations products are grown in the US and manufactured in the UK to high industry standards.

Zero THC extraction

We extract CBD using a clean and safe C02 method. This allows us to extract all the cannabinoids that will help you live a healthy lifestyle!

Multiple lifestyle benefits

Hemp extracts are known to help reduce stress & anxiety, support healthy joints, alleviate pain and improve overall health.


Alongside being vegan, we are also gluten-free, kosher, peanut-free and non-GMO. 

3rd party lab tested

We invest in getting our CBD tested for safety and purity by a third party lab, this is all to ensure you receive the best product.

High strength

Alongside being pure, our CBD is offered in high strengths up to 2000MG. Whilst strengths higher than this aren't quite as popular, we'll have more soon!

Our process

Want to know how Nature Creation products are made?

Ethically sourced high-quality hemp

Any product you find on Nature Creations will be sourced ethically from high-quality hemp farms. This step is essential to making sure you receive a product that meets your expectations.

CBD Extraction

Once hemp has been sourced, we extract CBD using a broad spectrum method. This is where we extract the CBD along with other healthy cannabinoids but do not extract THC.

Carrier oil infusing

Next, we infuse the CBD with an unrefined coconut MCT oil. This ensures that the CBD absorbs well, it also has the added side-effect of all the benefits that MCT oil has itself.

3rd party lab testing

Once we've extracted the CBD, we send a sample of the product off to make sure it is both safe and contains the expected strength.

Bottle & packaged

Less sciencey step! Once we know the CBD is of a great quality, we bottle and package it up so it is ready to send.

In-house lab testing

Next, we spot test our batch of bottled CBD for quality so we can be sure what we are sending out is what we are selling.

Quick delivery to you!

We deliver it within 3 working days after your order so you get your CBD as fast as possible.

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