When it comes to our pets, we want to ensure that they are happy and healthy, and often that means we need to make decisions on what is best for them.

A cat is one of those common pets that people have in their homes, and they can be loyal and loving companions. So there is no surprise that when it comes to using products to help with their health, many cat owners will jump at the chance of helping them.

There are many positive benefits for giving your cat CBD oil, but how do you give it to them?

Here are some tips.

Give it to them directly.

One of the first things that you could try would be to give it to them directly.

This might seem hard at first, but administering the recommended dosage directly means that you know they have managed to take it. 

Of course, getting your cat to open their mouth voluntarily might be difficult, so while it can be the most direct approach, it may not always be the easiest option.

However, in this method, you know that your cat has had the recommended dosage in one go, whereas other options may take a little longer for the CBD oil to take effect. 

Mix the CBD oil with their food

A popular option to consider when giving your cat CBD oil is to mix it with their usual food.

Cats tend to enjoy their food, which can often be an excellent method if you know your cat is a little fussy when it comes to trying new things.

Mixing it with the food and then presenting it at the usual mealtime will mean that your cat is none the wiser than what they are taking and will happily eat it and clear their bowl.

While this is an easy option, it also the most popular as there is usually very little fuss from your cat. 

However, make sure your cat is usually one to clear their bowl, as otherwise they may not get the correct dosage if they leave any food. 

Add CBD oil to a tasty treat.

Who doesn’t love a treat? Your cat certainly will.

If that is a bit of tuna or chicken, maybe some treats that they love, mixing the CBD oil with something tasty, and having a strong flavour can help even the fussiest of cats finally take the CBD oil. Again this is usually a good option if they are likely to finish the bowls of any foods you offer. 

Mix it with their drinking water

Finally, a final option to consider would be to add the CBD oil to their drinking water. However, it is worth noting that this will be a gradual intake of the CBD oil, and also, you need to be mindful that it will change the consistency of their water. It is a good option if you are happy for them not to have their full dosage. 

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