Blue Moon Hemp is a collective of premium hemp CBD products designed to be a part of your daily wellness ritual. Proudly farmed in Kentucky USA to very high standards with a focus on rigorous testing.

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Blue Moon CBD Salve

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  • Soothe your tired, aching or sore body post-workout or after a long day
  • Delivers a powerful formula which penetrates the epidermal layer
  • Contains beeswax, arnica oil, calendula oil, jojoba oil and hemp-derived CBD
  • Variety of scents and two strengths available

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies 10pcs

  • Irresistible passion fruit and tropical flavoured chewy fruit gummies
  • 100mg and 250mg options
  • All our products are within the UK 0.2% THC limit

Blue Moon CBD Oils

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  • Wide variety of flavours and strengths available
  • 0% THC broad-spectrum oil
  • CBD and Cold-Pressed Virgin Hemp Seed Oil blend
  • Packed with beneficial cannabinoids and multiple terpenes